Stories – 1 Woman 100 Dicks

A Gay Old Time (My first time sex with someone Bi-curious)

A Little Of What’s To Come…

Anal Sex Adventures Gone Wrong

A Taste Of Barely Legal India

A Vagina’s Tale – ‘the highs and lows of just one dick’

A Very Tame Beginning – woof!

Avoiding jailbait (a very sexy close call)

The Barely Legal Cock That Made Me Celibate

Can Forced Sex Be Sexy???

Celebrity Sex On The Beach

The Dangerous Blow Job Dilemma

Dog Out, Dick Bent (fame, fairgrounds and bendy cocks)

Easter Erotica (3 men, 3 nights and a sexual kidnapping)

Faking It! (A sticky sandpit and a cold kebab)

Fat Sex – (online dating and the fake photograph scam!)

Festive Fu*king – My First Christmas C*ck

Festive Fu*king 2 – The New Year’s Nightmare (Will anyone get laid on the 31st???)

Festive Fu*king 3 – The Stuffing Always Tastes Better At Christmas

Getting Wet At The Seaside (not quite what I had in mind)

Having Sex When Babysitting (should you have sex when sharing a room with a sleeping child?)

How I Didn’t Cum To Lose My Anal Virginity

How Old Is Too Old For Sex? Part 1 (Fu*king A Grandfather With Glorious Giant Genitals)

How Old Is Too Old For Sex? Part 2 (Fu*king A Grandfather With A Hip Replacement)

‘How Sex Works – Playing the Field’ (that was the week that was…)

Love ’em & Leave ’em ‘gagging’ for more – The Smooth Operator

Oriental Sex with a 6th Form Boy

Paying The Price Of Lust (a story of abstinence & theft)

Playing With Young Gay Love – What Cougar can turn down a beautiful teen whatever his alleged sexuality?

Pregnancy, Punching, Poo & Other Mistakes From A One Night Stand

Proposed Bestiality, Inadvertent Indecent Exposure, Pee & Other Pitfalls From A One Night Stand (That Became My Fiancé)

Public Teen Sex On A Staircase

Romeo, Romance and Reality (Reasons Not To Shag Your Staff)

Saucy Outdoor Sex With South London’s Sweetest Drug Dealer

Sex With A Comedian (It Wasn’t That Funny!)

Sex with a porn star…the man named ‘Fox’!

Sex With A Sweet Sixteen Boy

Some seriously filthy sex from a drug fuelled night – part one.

Some seriously filthy sex from a drug fuelled night – part two.

South London’s House Of Sodom

Squid Eye (sexual mishaps discovered in youthful sex)

Swedish Sex (hard core porn style sex or just a myth?)

The Almost Threesome

The Antipodean Affair (Sampling New Zealand Nookie)

The Imaginary Threesome – Fooled Again

The Language Of Lust (Real Sex In Amsterdam)

The Sex Tape Conversations (Part One)

The Sex Tape Conversations (Part Two)

The ‘Slutty Value System’ Or ‘A Slut’s Tangent’

Trumpet David – A Cautionary Tale

Ugly Sex (so wrong it’s right)


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