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Spice: A collection of 20 erotic short stories for women

SPICE is a collection of 20 erotica stories specifically written for women by author Sorell Oates, originally published as individual stories by S.Q.Oates and some previously unpublished.

Whether you are single or married these short stories will tease and tantalize any reader. Naughty and Nice, Sugar and Spice – the raunchy tales covering a range of sexy scenarios for all tastes are standalone short erotica stories with a plot and a twist to keep the mind fully engaged throughout.

Titles included in the collection include: 24 Hours of Sexual Bliss; An Alfresco Adulterous Affair; Bringing Down the Boss’s Daughter; Desperate House Husband; Don’t Cross a Cougar; Going Out with a Gang Bang; Office Kink; Paying the Escort; Peep Shows, Public Sex and Playful Perversion; Seducing Royalty; Sensual Steamy Summer Nights; Sibling Rivalry; Sorority Sex Secrets; Taking the French Exchange Student; The Cougar and the Office Boy; The First Step Into Filth & Fantasy; The Foreman Stud; The French Liaison; The Sex Challenge; Toyboy Troubles.

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How Far Would You Go: An assortment of 10 erotic stories from different genres

A challenging collection of erotic short stories for men and women. Each devilish story pushes the boundaries of eroticism as the book progresses. The tales cover a range of tastes for the experienced erotic reader.

Stories in the collection include: Burger Face (flash fiction erotica); Invisible Wings (romantica); Toxic Cocktales – Bianca (chick lit erotica); When Two Become One (adult erotica fiction); Brides of …(quirky erotica); Party People’s Confessions (contemporary erotica); Legally High & Disgustingly Low (true life erotic memoirs); Fantastical Beasts & Filth (monster erotica); Bonding The Modern Family (fetish erotica); Desperate Pleasures & Filthy Measures (hardcore erotica).

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Amelia Unleashed:Casual Encounters Of A Decadent Kind

This book promises to be one of the filthiest and erotic reads of recent times.

Well-educated, middle class, mid-twenties Amelia lives a safe life – working a respectable 9 to 5 job to pay the mortgage on her West London studio flat and finance her modest social needs.

But Amelia yearns for more and uses the internet to discover someone who can challenge her in and out of the bedroom; someone to test the essence of her sexual and moral limitations.

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Midnight Hex: A XXX retelling of Sleeping Beauty (Twisted Fairytale Erotica Book 1)

A hundred years has passed since Sleeping Beauty fell into her slumber and when she awakes the curse has spread through the entire kingdom.

When she enters the “new world”, Princess Aurora is faced with technology beyond her comprehension including steam trains, photography and pedaling bicycles.

In order to survive the current environment Aurora heads to the nearest country to form an allegiance with the two kingdoms by taking a Prince’s hand in marriage.

However Aurora hasn’t quite shaken the curse placed on her and finds herself burning up and plagued with nymphomaniac tendencies.

Can she save the kingdom and break the curse by finding true love?

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Party People’s Pure Filth: XXX Confessions

After the 90s summer of love boom and introduction of the new drug ‘Ecstasy’, clubbing at The Gatecrasher in Sheffield (England) was the place to be for young, horny, ravers.

When ‘Crasher Kids’ Heather and Simon meet young couple Nick and Anna visiting from London for the weekend in a drug-fueled uninhibited haze they don’t want the night to end.

Nick and Anna invite the Sheffield based duo to their hotel rooms to carry on partying. Inhibitions discarded thanks to the ‘E’ and with the privacy of a plush room the four youths embark on a sexually challenging night that will change them all forever.

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bianca toxic cocktales

Toxic Cocktales : Bianca (Part 1)
BIANCA – ‘Is it better or worse to pay for sex or be paid for sex?’ 

When the subject of chippendales, strippers and lap dancing clubs is broached early on in the evening, Bianca cannot fathom why someone would suffer the indignity of ‘paying’ for sexual pleasure. Casting her mind back over her own sexual history she remembers a night where money exchanged hands with one of her sexual liaisons.

The ‘Toxic Cocktales’ series takes confessions recorded on a night out from six real women of varying ages from the same workplace.

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