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Published by Wild Oates Publishing

Party People's Pure Filth XXX ConfessionsParty People’s Pure Filth XXX Confessions : A club fuElled, group sex erotica novella

After the 90s summer of love boom and introduction of the new drug ‘Ecstasy’, clubbing at The Gatecrasher in Sheffield (England) was the place to be for young, horny, ravers.

When ‘Crasher Kids’ Heather and Simon meet young couple Nick and Anna visiting from London for the weekend in a drug-fueled uninhibited haze they don’t want the night to end.

Nick and Anna invite the Sheffield based duo to their hotel rooms to carry on partying. Inhibitions discarded thanks to the ‘E’ and with the privacy of a plush room the four youths embark on a sexually challenging night that will change them all forever.

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Amelia Unleashed Cover Amelia UnleashedCasual Encounters Of A Decadent Kind
(*includes FREE bonus erotic short story – Part 1 of Toxic Cocktails and link to the author’s FREE erotic real sex blog)

This book promises to be one of the filthiest and erotic reads of recent times.

Well-educated, middle class, mid-twenties Amelia lives a safe life – working a respectable 9 to 5 job to pay the mortgage on her West London studio flat and finance her modest social needs.

But Amelia yearns for more and uses the internet to discover someone who can challenge her in the and out of the bedroom; someone to test the essence of her sexual and moral limitations.

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bianca toxic cocktalesToxic Cocktales : Bianca (Part 1)
BIANCA – ‘Is it better or worse to pay for sex or be paid for sex?’ 

When the subject of chippendales, strippers and lap dancing clubs is broached early on in the evening, Bianca cannot fathom why someone would suffer the indignity of ‘paying’ for sexual pleasure. Casting her mind back over her own sexual history she remembers a night where money exchanged hands with one of her sexual liaisons.

The ‘Toxic Cocktales’ series takes confessions recorded on a night out from six real women of varying ages from the same workplace.

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Published by Langley’s Lovelies

24 Hours Of Sexual Bliss24 Hours Of Sexual Bliss

Surayya is feeling really down about everything. No matter how much she tries, she can’t keep the traditional values instilled by her parents and still be properly British. She’s stressed and upset. When a hot white man comes up to her and offers to let her forget about everything for 24 hours, Surayya’s life may change forever…

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Bringing Down The Boss's DaughterBringing Down The Boss’s Daughter

Samantha may be beautiful, but it’s probably the only thing she has going for her. When her dad makes her a secretary in his law firm, she starts thinking that she’s the boss. Tina can barely stand her – along with her beau, they have a cunning plan to put her in her place.

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Desperate Househusband Desperate House Husband

Oliver didn’t plan on being a kept husband. His life, though luxurious, has not gone the way he expected. Older wife Suzanne is unreasonable and jealous. Will he be able to speak her paranoid ways by finding refuge with Michonne, the beautiful gardener?

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Don't Cross A CougarDon’t Cross A Cougar

James is an inexperienced young man that loses his virginity in the golf club at a rave with a sexy cougar. Years later, when he is about to get engaged to the girl of his dreams, he runs into a bit of a surprise…

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The First Step Into Filth & Fantasy The First Step Into Filth & Fantasy

Enjoying the ambiance of the after-hours sordid seediness of London’s West End Theatreland, Australian Hayley is seeking pleasure from the beautiful people adorning the stages night in and night out. More than twenty years her senior, tall, dark, handsome, out-of-work actor Ewan strides into the member’s bar Hayley manages. Can the two indulge their mutual lust without love affecting it?

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The French LiaisonThe French Liaison

Dominica is heartbroken and feels ugly next to her pretty white friend. She is a one of a kind girl in London and the gorgeous bar man Michel wants her to know how much he cares, carnally and in other ways. Will they work out? Will she be the pretty, happy friend for a change?

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Going Out With A Gang BangGoing Out With A Gang Bang 

Fearne is a popular reporter, but after a scandalous affair with a famous Hollywood star, she finds herself about to lose her job. She knows that the perks of her career not last, so when she finds herself interviewing an incredibly hot boy band from the States, she plans to fully take advantage of it… And so do the boys.

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Paying The EscortPaying The Escort

Natalie is a beautiful girl that wants to get into the London scene, but her boyfriend Tommy does nothing but embarrass her. All she wants is for him to pay attention to her. After another bad night and a devastating insult, Natalie turns to a male escort service. Will he make her see how beautiful she really is?

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Peep Shows, Public Sex and Playful PerversionPeep Shows, Public Sex and Playful Perversion

Stephen and Andrea aren’t having the best holiday. She wants to see the sights in Amsterdam and he wants to spend their money looking at sex workers. Will he be able to get her going and find a side of her that he never even knew existed?

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Seducing RoyaltySeducing Royalty

Isla doesn’t want to go on a coworker’s hen do and leave her beautiful but ailing friend Tamzin behind. Soon she discovers that Belgium may be exactly what she needs when she finds a super hot and filthy rich man… and maybe she can even do something for Tamzin.

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Sensual Steamy Summer NightsSensual Steamy Summer Nights

Kathy isn’t happy when her brother tells her that she has to bankroll his holiday to Morocco. Despite her hesitations, he brings with her a charming man that prefers to spend time with her than with her brother. Will she let herself fall in love? Is he who he says he is?

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The Sex ChallengeThe Sex Challenge

Donna and Lisa are the type of friends that have always been happy to be in friendly competition with each other. When Lisa complains to newly-single mother Donna about how dry and sexless her summer has been, her best friend has a cheeky idea to ensure that they both have romantic trysts before the big 3-0.

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Sexual Sibling RivalrySexual Sibling Rivalry

Mediterranean goddess Venus is having a blast staying at her closeted girlfriend’s home. After all, Polly’s parents are rich and welcome her like a daughter. The problem is that her brother walks in on them, and may rat Polly out to her parents, which could become a problem for Venus. How far will she go to make sure that Polly’s brother keeps his mouth shut?

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Sorority Sex SecretsSorority Sex Secrets 

Mary-Beth just can’t fit in. Despite her good looks and her fortunate upbringing, she loathes the fact that her entire life is planned out for her and hates the hypocrisy that comes with her world. Finally she finds a down to earth college guy and he seems to be just what she needs, but her adventurous side comes out and she goes in search of someone with more experience – a professor.

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Toyboy TroublesToyboy Troubles

Caroline seems to be living a dream. Her husband and her should be very happy together but truth is, she is unhappily married. She finds fulfillment with a black teenager that wolf-whistles at her and she can’t let him go. How far will she go for her toyboy?

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